5 Best Proxy Services 2021-2022

5 Best Proxy Services

Many Internet users face the need to maintain anonymity when visiting informational, commercial or gaming sites. Using a proxy server could solve that problem. This intermediate buffer hides your actions on the Internet. Your real IP addresses, the current location of your PC or mobile device are not available to third parties. The history of visits is stored only on the proxy server.

The user remains anonymous when visiting web pages. However, it should be borne in mind that a thorough study of the proxy server records may reveal information about your identity. For the majority of users, this is not a problem. Thanks to the intermediate server, you keep your privacy. Your actions and preferences remain a secret for advertising systems.

This article presents a rating of proxy servers based on technical characteristics and user reviews. Familiarize yourself with the proxy platforms, compare several options and choose the appropriate server.


IP address selection: by city, by subnets, manually
Activation: within a minute
SPECIAL OFFERS$0.11 for 5 days
0,29 dollars for 5 days
0,64 dollars for 5 days
ADVANTAGES+ Proxy server speed up to 100 Mbit / s.
+ Online technical support. The managers work online every day and are always ready to help.
+ 400 different networks and subnets.
DISADVANTAGES— The free trial period is not provided.

According to most users, SpaceProxy is a reliable and stable server. In the rating of best proxy, this resource is among the top three. As practice shows, IP addresses are not blocked, the desired sites are always available. Three tariff plans have been developed for the convenience of customers. Private addresses can be rented for a period of 5 to 360 days. The monthly fee for a personal IPv4 proxy server starts at $1.38. According to the terms of the agreement, the company returns the funds if the user refused to use the proxy.

The SpaceProxy service allows you to bypass restrictions, create an account, and play your favorite online games. The addresses of this server are an ideal option for using social networks.

SpaceProxy is a combination of comfort and stability at a reasonable price. There is no reason to worry about server shutdowns. The company offers support for a special account to all customers. The reliability of the proxy network is estimated at 95%.


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICSCoverage: a large number of countries.
IP address selection: by city, manually
Activation: within a minute
SPECIAL OFFERSvisit Proxyline.net
ADVANTAGES+ Proxy server speed up to 100 Mbit / s
+ A convenient multi-functional API and a personal account.
+ Unlimited traffic and 2000 streams
DISADVANTAGES— The technology is not suitable for sites with closed ads

According to numerous users, Proxyline.net is a popular and reliable server. The rental of a confidential IP address is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the services are not suitable for the user, the company returns the payment in full. The client can use up to three IP addresses. The proxy server is characterized by high quality and affordable rental price. According to user reviews, technical support works quickly and professionally.

Many companies order the ProxyLine service to ensure the security of electronic correspondence. The system checks correspondence and filters out malicious emails.

According to the concluded contract, ProxyLine guarantees the protection of the client and is responsible for the services provided. Your data is safe. Qualified specialists of the company solve any technical problems in a timely manner.


Supported protocols: SOCKS5, HTTPS
SPECIAL OFFERSvisit proxy-store.com
ADVANTAGES+ Profitable affiliate program
+ API and automatic provisioning
+ Unlimited traffic and streams
DISADVANTAGES— proxy server replacement is not possible during the paid period

The service is convenient for a variety of purposes. The platform provides a private IP address for up to one month. With this proxy store, you will overcome the restrictions on the desired sites. Proxy-store.com allows you to play on sites with prohibited access and conduct parsing. There are a lot of profitable bonuses for the clients.

Thanks to data encryption, the users get the opportunity to optimize their Internet activity and increase the level of security. Special attention should be paid to the services of a proxy store. This option gives the company certain advantages over competitors: detailed data on prices, strategies, competitor reviews, products.

After making the payment, the user immediately receives a proxy. You can always extend the rental period at your personal account. Users select only the options they need. If the service is not suitable for any reason, the provider returns the payment. The client receives the funds within a day. According to some customers, technical support sometimes works slowly. For the rest, the Proxy-store.com services are of high-quality.


Supported protocols: SOCKS5, HTTP (s)
Fast IPv4 and IPv6 proxies (up to 1 Gbit/s)
SPECIAL OFFERSvisit proxy-sale.com
ADVANTAGES+ round-the-clock supervision by a professional team of system administrators
+ the opportunity to save on service packages
+ free proxies
DISADVANTAGES— proxies for sending messages/emails/ are not available

Proxy-sale is one of the top ten proxy services. It suits well for hiding your browsing sessions. The platform covers more than 28 countries. The customer base is planned to be expanded further. A special feature of the service is the ability to work on IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The proxy servers are characterized by high quality and good speed. Customer reviews show that Proxy-sale works without overload. Users get access to the profitable rent of private IP addresses for up to one month. Package proxies offer discounts of up to 15%, depending on the number and duration of the lease.

Package proxies are provided for wholesale buyers. The more proxies you buy, the less you pay. Discounts of up to 40% apply to package proxies.

There are cases when the visited resource identifies the user’s requests as suspicious and blocks the IP address. This problem is quite solvable, since the Proxy-sale changes IP addresses. You get the opportunity to collect the necessary data anonymously.


Supported protocols: SOCKS5, HTTP (s)
Fast IPv4 and IPv6 proxies (up to 1 Gbit/s)
SPECIAL OFFERSvisit Proxy6.net
ADVANTAGES+ round-the-clock supervision of a professional team of system administrators
+ the opportunity to save on packages of 10 pieces
+ free proxies
DISADVANTAGES— proxies for sending messages/emails/brut are not available

Proxy6.net is a good choice at reasonable prices. Visitors can receive mobile and home IP addresses. The platform allows you to get individual IP addresses or share them with other users.

There are no restrictions on the volume of traffic. The service supports all popular protocols. It is possible to suspend the service at any time. According to customer reviews, technical support works very quickly. The user chooses the provider and the city independently. Using cross-platform verification, you can determine the most useful proxy servers for your site.

Proxies are located on non-overloaded servers and the response speed is much higher than that of competitors. It plays an important role in collecting and filtering information.


Using the best proxy services is the most efficient way to work on the web. If everyday tasks consist in generating a large number of requests using special software, many sites and search engines block IP. The same thing happens when one cheats subscribers in social networks or launches bots. The best option for such work is to use a private proxy server. Paid services do not reduce the speed of access to the network. Blocking for users of such proxies is excluded. You can any time get access to the necessary sites, game platforms and video content. Comfortable using and absence of any network problems are the main advantages of paid platforms.